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August 1, 2022 - Music

You know what’s slightly remarkable? How doctors can tell just from a few symptoms what kind of ailment a patient has. And so often the symptoms of one disease are so similar to another.

For some reason, as I began writing this review the word “Meningitis” popped into my head, and naturally Google wanted to show me what symptoms are common with that disease. I’m sure you can imagine the fright I got when I realized how many times I’ve had meningitis before.

A high temperature. Cold hands and feet. Vomiting. Confusion. Breathing quickly. Muscle and joint pain. This was me, literally, last night, after I took too many drags on a high nicotine content raspberry flavored vape pen.

Yet, a doctor could easily tell me that I didn’t have meningitis. The same way I feel I can tell you that Burs’s latest song, “Lilly,” is different from other alternative rock sounds, even though it might share a lot of the same symptoms. Now, even though I do have a PhD in playlisting, I’m sure you can also hear the difference for yourself.

The Ontario-based four-piece outfit have an album out on September 30th. And, based on this small sample of frequencies that I’ve just listened to, I’m sure the whole release will be a doozy.

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