Cayo Coco – Cosmic Healing :: Indie Shuffle

May 4, 2023 - Music

With laidback King Krule’esque vocals, it’s hard to pin down the sadness that comes across in the lyrics. But hone in just long enough, and you’ll be struck by lines like “In the core of my heart there is nothing mortal / So alone in the void, I am home and formless.”

The depth that this song holds is like a gem that has been polished and is now offered to the world. Toward the end, there’s a changeup that holds promise and hope with its uplifting energy as the song draws to a close.

It is the artist’s journey that informed the song so it’s their words that hold weight in explaining the meaning:

“After experiencing a soul connection that ignited my spiritual awakening, I began to see myself, my perceptions, and the world through a different lens. Cosmic Healing is my first song to be released since that time period. Channeled as a gift from my soul to me, the lyrics speak from the perspective of the soul’s timeline, and how it extends beyond my one, short, human lifespan as Lumen. May we all follow light & cherish the love our Higher Selves have for us :)”

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