Cid Rim – He Who Runs With The Flock Inevitably Follows Asses :: Indie Shuffle

January 12, 2023 - Music

“He Who Runs With The Flock Inevitably Follows Asses” is an amalgamation of poetic and electric perfection.

Cid Rim has gone all the way with lyrical evaluations of society and then layered it all with wavey synths and a deep chaotic break that goes for that drumline like a boxer to a competitor’s gut. The track has motion – a motion that not only takes you with it, but envelops you with finesse, beaming sounds, and a general feel that shouts “I don’t care about anyone, but me”…and it makes me feel so cool.

Like a well-mixed drink, this track can’t help but be the coolest thing on the table!

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