Frowin Berger – Tiefenfeld :: Indie Shuffle

June 3, 2023 - Music

I really appreciate meditative electronic music and Frowin Berger has created just that with “Tiefenfeld.” I could easily listen to the likes of Stimming and Max Cooper over and over, and in fact, I have. The problem comes in when I’ve overdone it, which again…I have. So when I come across an artist in the same lane as them, I hitch a ride real quick, traveling happily once more through the downtempo/electronica highways.

“Tiefenfeld” is like an entire cityscape into which I can escape. It’s bold enough to capture attention yet humble enough to also comfortably blend into the background. This song caters to both the lovers of music that overwhelms and to the lovers of music that complements.

Speaking about the track and his process this German-based artist explains:

“‘Everything is relative.’ One could also say: ‘Everything depends on the way you look at it.’ The longer and deeper we look at something, the more varied and detailed the perception of it becomes. Our impressions – our feelings – our reality changes. Like an architect, I envision, plan, and build my tracks with the greatest care. That way I can process what I experience, see and feel. This always gives me strength and carries me through life and I hope my musical stories can also carry you somehow. “

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