Good Jester – Clockwork :: Indie Shuffle

November 22, 2022 - Music

Tick Tick Time Stops

“Clockwork” is like an immaculately designed watch filled with clicks and twitches that leave you guessing, moving, and always entertained.

Good Jester has gone and made the best watch in the business – it’s a Rolex that can go into the depths of your mind, a maverick of design, and is a timeless piece for every occasion. It’s not just good for the aesthetic, but it’s also the first thing to get the vibes going and the last thing you want to hear leaving. The track kept me intrigued from the first little metronome all the way to the last tick as time stood still.

“Clockwork” is a gold-lined piece of jewellery and I want to spend all my money on it.

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