Harry Styles – As It Was (Vancouver Sleep Clinic Cover) :: Indie Shuffle

October 6, 2022 - Music

Oh, The Calm Revision

Vancouver Sleep Clinic gives us a new rendition of an already fame-induced pop track, and dare I say I’m in love

This rendition of “As It Was” is a rousing re-imagining of a Harry Styles’ pop track that moved at 100 miles an hour, but Vancouver Sleep Clinic saw something in the track that was so easy to miss – calm. They took the track and stripped it of everything except its purest theme – surrender. The track tells you to let go, let things be because things change and they always will and it’s just how it is so the best we can do is hold on softly and let the road takes us.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic delivers pure surrender and an ambiance I won’t forget any time soon.

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