I Looked Into Her Eyes (Ft. Ural Thomas and the Pain) :: Indie Shuffle

February 28, 2023 - Music

Connections Through a Window

Mounika with the help of Ural Thomas and the Pain taps into a deep part of our romantic psyche — the urban romance.

There is a certain sound I hear when I think of love in the urban megacities of our lives. It’s a boppy, slightly wild, and slightly soft sound, like traffic in the distance, like people on the street shouting or maybe laughing, and that inability to differentiate.

Mounika & Ural Thomas and the Pain have taken that sound and injected it with soul, passion and an inescapable sound of fantasy, myth and joy.

“I Looked Into Her Eyes” is that feeling of falling in love with the person on the street through your window – a narrative that plays out in your head at a scale you can’t control and quite possibly might just happen.

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