Is It Enough :: Indie Shuffle

March 11, 2023 - Music

With several accolades under their belts, as well as some deli sandwiches, this indie dance band has captured my imagination with their story. Not because of the Spotify editorials, nor the coverage from world-renowned outlets, but rather, due to their time away, isolated in nature with nothing but each other, their music, and a canine companion.

There’s a host of English idioms that allude to that which brings about a positive result: ‘the early bird catches the worm;’ ‘no pain, no gain;’ ‘throw caution to the wind;’ etc. Well, here’s one to add to the list: ‘sometimes all you can do is head to a cabin in the woods with your best friend and write a dance record.’

Supertaste’s 2023 track, “Is It Enough,” is more than enough — there’s disco, there’s indietronica, there’s pizazz — what more do we need?

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