LCD Soundsystem – new body rhumba :: Indie Shuffle

January 20, 2023 - Music

LCD Soundsystem doesn’t disappoint, with a single that shouts new-age jive, synth mania, and that all-too-good LCD chaos.

“new body rhumba” Is a joyous ride through a chaotic space, a new space, an unfamiliar space, but it’s all good because LCD has your back. The track is a cybernetic clash of new-age electro, hard orchestral rock, and a lyrical performance that doesn’t disappoint. Don’t get me started on that 5 min in-outro-break, it’s a vibe!

LCD Soundsystem has always been a master of long-length music narratives, and “new body rhumba” is no different, but hell it makes me jive with every second that goes past.

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