September 11, 2022 - Music

Sounds like:
spill tab, Luna Li, Pearly Drops

What’s so good?

Into the Dreamscape"All You Do" seems like those last few seconds of a dream, where everything kinda just falls into itself and it's majestic as (insert swear word).Escaping into a song is something I do quite easily — imagining scenes, themes, or dialogues, based on the track. (If I wasn't capable of that the job of writing about that it would be torture, let me just tell you that.) But never has a track made me so overwhelmed with soft, subtle, and warm imagery.The track is dreamy, soft, and milky – it's a quiet and understated little track that goes hard for the imagery and doesn't fail for a single second and that's not only awesome but super commendable.

1. Original post: MAGDALENA BAY – All You Do

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