Nick Weaver – Cold Chills :: Indie Shuffle

October 5, 2022 - Music

A Wintery Breeze

Nick Weaver leaves us a heartwrenching and immense track with “Cold Chills” — an amalgamation of everything a winter breeze can be.

Winds are crazy things, blowing at one point like a soft touch, and a few seconds later could lift a tree from its roots, destroying everything in its sight. I can’t help but feel the soft winter breeze when “Cold Chills” plays — the touch of a maddeningly cold flow and yet it’s as refreshing as it is melancholic.

“Cold Chills” is a story being carried on mythic winds and breezy symphonies. It goes into your heart like an injection of ice and leaves you soaked in its melancholia. The track isn’t sad or downtrodden, but it is a eulogy for something we all feel sometimes and it’s a track I’d want to live with forever.

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