Night Lovers :: Indie Shuffle

June 30, 2022 - Music

When NAZKA22 reached out with this song they mentioned that they’ve been listening to Indie Shuffle for years now – and that ODESZA (a group we feature heavily) was one of their favorites.

“Night Lovers” seems to have proven both of these to be true because it: 1) checks the box of stuff I like to blog on Indie Shuffle and 2) reminds me a lot of ODESZA.

From what I can tell, Nazka is a young producer out of France, possibly still in his teens. Apparently part of his approach is to take songs by artists he loves and attempt to reproduce them, with a bit of his own unique twist. I’m not entirely sure where the process for “Night Lovers” started, but it’s the melodic progression and soaring energy that pulls me in every time I listen. Hopefully you find yourself in the same boat.

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