Nodal Edge – Three Faces :: Indie Shuffle

February 6, 2023 - Music

One Horse Town Records has introduced a great project, beautifully titled The Excursions. It’s a series of EPs without limit, whether it be genre or artist. This provides an exciting opportunity for the audience to immerse themselves in a journey of the unknown.

It’s never easy to leap into the darkness, but something in us always whispers, ‘it’ll be worth it.’ We’re hardwired to prefer music that is familiar to us, at the same time, there’s nothing quite like stumbling across something new that strikes a chord. So, sometimes it’s important we take a musical excursion. Knowing this, One Horse Town Records has made it a little easier for us.

Forming part of the second issue, Nodal Edge’s track “Three Faces” is calming yet energizing — reaching out for either end of the spectrum and grabbing hold. Within that, the listener gets the opportunity to move freely, expanding or contracting as desired. This electronic artist and multi-instrumentalist has stretched out a soundscape canvas for us, and as we listen, our minds paint upon it that which we each uniquely experience.

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