Phantom Youth – Afterworld :: Indie Shuffle

November 6, 2022 - Music

Lips Touch an Afterthought

“Afterworld” is romance – a bubbly, soft-spoken feeling that builds and builds until finally it bursts out my heart in heartfelt guitars and embracing vocals.

Phantom Youth has taken every romantic film I’ve ever seen, cut them up, and collaged them into a 3 and half minute soundscape that had me flying. It took me from teenage days running over sports fields and pavillions into the glancing eyes at the bar. It’s a history of romance written like a novel and you are the main character.

All I could think about was that fleeting moment when you release from a lover’s kiss and you both just feel it.

It’s overwhelming and near impossible how much this track has suddenly become a part of me – a new lover.

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