Shazam Adds New Concerts Section to Recommend Shows to Users – Billboard

October 25, 2023 - Music

Apple-owned Shazam has introduced a new feature into its music identification app that will allow users to find nearby shows through recommendations based on their Shazam histories, it was announced on Wednesday (Oct. 25).

The new feature, called simply Concerts, is already available to users in the Shazam app on iOS within the “My Music” section and will be coming to Android shortly. The new section will recommend events, allow users to save and set reminders about upcoming shows and view available tickets, with options to buy them through BandsInTown or other ticket providers. It also offer exclusives from certain artists that will be available for users to unlock, such as behind the scenes videos, Apple Watch faces, tour photos and setlists, among other things.

The feature has also been incorporated into Spotlight, where iPhone users can now search for an artist and get concert and ticketing information immediately in iOS 17. Along with additions to Apple Maps and the Set Lists feature within Apple Music, this marks the latest Apple feature to incorporate live music data and information into its functionality. 

The Concerts feature follows on a previous collaboration with BandsInTown that was initially announced in March 2022. Through that partnership, Shazam users could search for an artist and pull up their forthcoming tour information using the BandsInTown database of shows for over 500,000 artists. This new feature is distinct from that, in that it boasts its own section within Shazam dedicated to concerts and show recommendations, rather than solely within the search result for an artist.

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