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May 10, 2023 - Music

Sidechick’s “Friends” is perhaps a little different from our usual pick but I found it to be excitingly unique so I wanted to share it and see what you all think of it.

It’s the kind of song that has a little something for everyone. Whoever is looking to dance, can hop on the beat and do so. But if you’re being sucked into a couch, or outside on the lawn with the sky looming overhead, then it still has you covered.

This Montreal-based producer, DJ, and multifaceted-creative, also known as Nick Walker, displays a clear talent for working with vocal samples in a different yet effective way. Speaking to the track he explains:

“It’s called ‘Friends’ because we’re about to explode into a crazy summer, and summers are defined by the moments you share with friends. I have this mantra that ‘music is other people,’ and this song is a reminder of that. Friendship is one of the strongest bonds in life and deserves to be celebrated.”

So invite your friends over and in honor of the song’s intent, play this for you and yours. If you’d like to add it to your playlists, you can find Sidechick’s “Friends” on Spotify.

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