SOHN – Riverbank :: Indie Shuffle

September 19, 2022 - Music

If you’re unaware of “The Wheel“, please pause whatever you’re doing here and listen to this 2014 classic. “The Wheel” revisited me sometime last year and thank the lord the electricity in my brain signaled to my fingers to go and follow SOHN on Spotify immediately after hearing it again. If I hadn’t, then maybe I would have missed SOHN’s latest album, Trust.

My hankering for new albums has begun to reach desperate levels. My current existence is akin to the relationship of a hungry baby and the teat. I want ALBUMS. Real albums, with some enjoyable songs and others that might get skipped the next time I listen. And yes, I will listen again! I want a release of interconnected songs that took the artists some meaningful while to make; ie. a body of material that is thoughtful.

In a way, SOHN is actually the mother, and I am the baby boy. Suckling, gurgling, and content.

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