Suave Punk – Dust Bunny :: Indie Shuffle

July 4, 2022 - Music

Dust Bowl Swirls

Suave Punk gives anxiety a noise that echoes through a valley of shoegaze instrumentation, alt-rock ethics, and wild abandon.

Suave Punk has been toted as a “Rising Star” in the alt-rock shoe gaze seen and it shows. “Dust Bunny” is unapologetically anxious — it’s a loud, reverbed, and echoed track that builds on itself like a tornado forming. It pulls together elements into an almost overwhelming soundscape that doesn’t give up unless the wind dies.

It’s a track that stands upright against every other genre-specific shoegaze song and tells them “I’m about to blow this desert down.”

In short, this track is a whirlwind, and a good one at that!

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