SWEATSON KLANK – Ballad of a Sleepless Traveler :: Indie Shuffle

June 16, 2022 - Music

An Alarm for The Heart.

Sweatson Klank creates a soundscape so wildly inviting and inventive, that I couldn’t help but walk with it.

“Ballad of a Sleepless Traveler” starts almost unremarkably and evolves into an ambient chillwave soundscape of nature, guitar, and pulsing piano in the distance. It’s easy to dismiss a track like this as “soundtracky”, but if you sit with it and take it in over coffee it is, in fact, an extremely well-designed travel piece. It innocently invites you in and takes you on its little trip.

Sweatson Klank has not only created a sound with this track but a place and that’s something supremely rewarding

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