SWEATSON KLANK – Pay Day :: Indie Shuffle

March 24, 2023 - Music

Money to Spend

It’s the end of the month and you made cash, Sweatson Klank is playing a lit track and all you see is opportunity.

“Pay Day” is the perfect distillation of that end-of-month feeling. The feast of economy, the joy of going, ‘I wanna get that,’ ‘I wanna drink that,’ ‘I wanna wear that’ – and you deserve it because you survived the chaos. “Pay Day” is an uncontrollable injection of joy, electro-funk, and strut beats, you’re gonna walk to this track in a mall and you’re going to feel like the coolest human in a 1km radius.

Sweatson Klank has designed the feeling of cool and delivered it like a pay check.

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