SWEATSON KLANK – We’re All Dreaming :: Indie Shuffle

November 16, 2022 - Music

A track that put my mind at ease and my body in a trance, “We’re All Dreaming” is a cool, collected, and vibey body-check.

There’s something about the feeling that a good new-age soul electro track gives you — the smooth smoke waves, the strong coffee pops, and a dreamlike vocal current that takes me into the ether of my dreams. Sweatson Klank has given me rest and relaxation, but also just enough of a vibe to work to, a vibe to talk to, and a vibe to generally just live my life to. The world seems like a dream and “We’re All Dreaming” is here to comfort that thought.

Take me anywhere, play this track, and I’ll be happy and content.

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