Thick of The Honey :: Indie Shuffle

October 22, 2022 - Music

All The Bees in The Bar

Fazerdaze gives me an immediate flashback to my college life: the bars, the people, and the always-present neon mist.

“Thick of The Honey” is something I would’ve loved to have discovered in my bar hopping days. It’s a misty alt-rock track driven by its social guitar, the whistling vocals, and a drive that is only present in the exorbitant youth. This track is the be-all and end-all of a young night out — it goes with you into the bar hidden in the dimly-lit corners and also into the club on the rooftop. It’s always there like an itch for pollen and a buzz for the sweet things.

“Thick of The Honey” is an elixir of youth and you can just imagine what it tastes like.

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