Why Kelly Rizzo Slept With Paper Towels in Ears on ‘Special Forces’

October 9, 2023 - Music

Kelly Rizzo Slept With Paper Towels in Ears on Special Forces
Pete Dadds/FOX

For Kelly Rizzo, the hardest part of filming Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test wasn’t the grueling challenges but getting a good night’s sleep.

“At night, [Tara Reid] was snoring the loudest, so she kept everyone awake,” Rizzo, 44, revealed on the Monday, October 9, episode of the “Whine Down with Jana Kramer” podcast. “Tom Sandoval, he snored a lot, too, but that was one of the things I was most afraid of was the sleeping.”

Since the cast wasn’t allowed to bring things such as eye masks and earplugs with them, Rizzo’s costar Jack Osbourne came up with an ingenious, yet uncomfortable, way to block out the noise. “[He] gave me a chunk of a paper towel, and he was like, ‘Here, shove this in your ear,’” she revealed. “So, I literally took, like, not soft paper towels, like, industrial paper towels, and I took off little bits and I shoved them in my ears when I went to sleep.”

Rizzo — who is the wife of the late actor and comedian Bob Saget — noted that showering was allowed, but required retrieving water that was either boiling hot or freezing cold. “I think there were only two people that showered that I know of while I was there, which was Tyler Cameron and Savannah Chrisley,” she shared. “They were the only people who took one shower, and it was, like, a big deal.”

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The lifestyle blogger is one of 14 celebs whose limits have been put to the test on season 2 of Special Forces, which premiered on September 25. While some of her costars, such as Brian Austin Green and Blac Chyna, have stirred up some drama, Rizzo said her goal was to make it through filming “as unnoticed as possible.”

She explained: “I didn’t want to be on [the directing staff’s] radar. I wanted to, like, slip through the cracks. So, even when we’re in the bunkhouse and in our barracks, I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself because there’s cameras on you 14 hours a day. Even at nighttime, there’s infrared cameras on you while you’re sleeping.”

Another motivation for Rizzo was to test her physical and mental strength after being called “strong” by family and friends following Saget’s death. The Full House alum died at the age of 65 in January 2022 after experiencing head trauma in a Florida hotel room.

Kelly Rizzo Slept With Paper Towels in Ears on Special Forces
Pete Dadds/FOX

“When everyone keeps telling you that [you’re strong], you’re like, ‘Maybe there’s something to this,’” she told host Jana Kramer. “And there’s no better place to put that to the test than when you are completely stripped down of every single thing, every creature comfort you’re used to, being around your family, your friends, being in a harsh environment.”

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She continued: “Nothing’s going to break you down more than that, and especially being yelled at constantly by Navy Seals and British Special Forces and their very scary British voices. Nothing’s gonna test your strength more than that, and I’m like, ‘How can I not take this opportunity to really find out, at the core, how much strength there really is?’”

New episodes of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test air on Fox Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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