Zach Mayer – XX Clouds :: Indie Shuffle

July 6, 2022 - Music

It’s interesting to note that which moves us. If not for experiences of mind like fear, desire, or even love and the likes, would we not be nothing but still? Out of emotion and thought we move on whim toward that which we want and away from all that we do not wish for ourselves.

Music too moves us. In response to it, we can be moved to dance, to listen, to pay attention. Zach Mayer’s “XX Clouds” brings this to mind as beautiful music moves through headphones creating a danceable and attention-grabbing experience.

“XX Clouds” brings jazz bars that appear through smokey doors; twilight evenings that stretch out into whisky nights; and after-thought mornings with steaming coffees to mind. It is a song that can move the listener to feel, to dance, to be.

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