Beyoncé’s Lizzo Shout Out, Drake & Bad Bunny Collab

August 15, 2023 - News

Drake’s LA show was full of surprises. Usher dropped a teaser for his new track “Boyfriend,” which stars Keke Palmer. Beyoncé shout outs Lizzo and updated her setlist during her Renaissance tour stop in Atlanta. Ciara opens up about her celebrity crush, dating pet peeve and favorite movie on Speed Dating. And more!

Tetris Kelly
The Kardashians turned Drake’s concert into an episode of their hit show. Beyoncé brings back three songs and a Lizzo shout-out on tour. The Keke Palmer and Usher saga continues. I take Ciara on a speed date. And Pedro Capo stops by our studio.

Tetris Kelly
It’s Tuesday, August 15th. I’m Tetris Kelly. And this is Billboard News. As you just heard, we got a lot of show today. So let’s start with our first story. Drake’s LA show was practically an episode of The Kardashians. It had drama, romance, and tons of surprises.

Tetris Kelly
Kim Kardashian recited her sample from ‘Search and Rescue’ in this viral video from Drake’s concert. The quote originally came from the series finale of E!’s ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ when she was talking about ending her marriage with Kanye West, and her reciting it at the show has fans speculating where she stands with Ye and how Drake fits into the picture. And if you catch the viral moment from another angle, you can see she was repeating the sample to Bad Bunny, who was in attendance with Kim’s sister Kendall. Fans captured and shared tons of videos of them packing on the PDA. They’ve been rumored to be dating for six months. But that wasn’t the only reason Benito was trending online. He was in the house to make a special announcement with Drake that had everyone talking.

Watch the full video above!

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