Sebastian Bach Makes It Clear What He Will + Won’t Sign for Fans

June 6, 2024 - News

Sebastian Bach is fed up with some of the items fans have brought for him to sign during recent meet and greets.

The rocker took to social media on Tuesday to layout some rules for what he will and won’t sign for fans.

“At meet and greets I will sign official released merchandise ONLY,” Bach posted on the Threads social media platform. “Not things that have nothing to do with me like the history of hair metal or stuff like that.”

The statement comes the same day Bach lashed out during a performance at Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit after a fan yelled “Skid Row” while he was onstage.

“Yeah, that’s the band that kicked me out. Year, killer. Great. Fucking assholes,” Bach replied according to the website. He also reportedly called out a fan in the crowd who was wearing a Skid Row shirt more the band’s more recent years following Bach’s departure.

“I’m fascinated by this shirt right here,” Back said onstage, “This is Skid Row with what number singer? Seven? Eight? Nine? What number is that guy?”

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Bach also attempted to make it clear on social media that he will not sign anything from eras of Skid Row that did not include him.

“Also I will sign Skid Row albums with the original five members ONLY. Will not sign with any replacement members.” Other items on the no-sign list are ones “that have nothing to do with me like the history of hair metal or stuff like that,” presumably referencing a historical book on that scene.

Bach is technically the band’s second singer joining in 1987. Matt Fallon, who also spent a brief period with Anthrax, handled lead vocals on Skid Row’s early demos.

Fans in the comments were quick to remind Bach that he wasn’t an original member.

“Awkward. You are not an original member, but I still love you,” Rich Carlson commented on Bach’s Threads post.

Bach’s tour continues throughout the Midwest tonight with a stop at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin before heading to Illinois for a string of shows starting at The Forge in Joliet on June 7.

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