SHOWNU & HYUNGWON From Monsta X On Sub-Unit, Biggest Inspirations – Billboard

September 9, 2023 - News

Shownu and Hyungwon from Monsta X talk to Billboard about what the differences between performing as their sub-unit and performing as Monsta X, their biggest inspirations, plans in L.A. and more at KCON LA 2023.


Tetris Kelly:
Yes, don’t call me out. He’s like, “You’re a fanboy! You’re ARMY.”

Hanging out with my guys from Monsta X. So this is your first time debuting as a sub-unit live. Have you heard from the other members? How do you feel tonight?

It feels very little excited, and because they’re scream and they give so many energy, so I’m gonna do my best to the stage.

Tetris Kelly:
Nice! And what has been different about being a sub-unit than when you’re with the group?

The most thing is we’re really choosing concept. So before, we have all the members [before] we’re doing anything, but we’re only two members — we’re more thinking about our concept.

Tetris Kelly:
And the fans are super excited to see you guys out there. So how’s it feel to take them on this journey? They’ve been with you guys for so long, so what is your connection like with your fans?

We always think connecting — connect with our fans, so we always develop what is best. What is most important thing is love with our fans, so we always develop and that is our lizard in fan with our member.

Tetris Kelly:
And then of course you’re at KCON in L.A. What are you doing outside of KCON? Are you guys hanging out? Did you get to see the city?

We just arrived last night, so we didn’t enjoy yet, but after the concert! We maybe some drink.

Watch the full video above!

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