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January 24, 2023 - Uncategorized

Fall Out Boy borrowed Nicole Kidman’s much-loved AMC ad to help promote their upcoming single “Heartbreak Feels So Good” on Monday (Jan. 23).

“Bad news for some of you, the Metro show SOLD OUT,” the band tweeted. “Good news for all of you, we’re dropping another new song on Wednesday. ‘Heartbreak Feels So Good’ out at 10AM ET / 9AM CT / 7AM PT on the 25th.”

Taking an amusing cue from the song’s title, the foursome added a 10-second clip of Kidman sitting transfixed in a darkened AMC theater as she utters her now-famous line: “Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this.” Except this time, the visual playing out across the big screen happens to be Fall Out Boy’s upcoming music video, with frontman Patrick Stump wailing, “Heartbreak feels so good” as he and his bandmates get into some goofy trouble in a back alley.

The song will follow lead single “Love From the Other Side” off the pop-punk pioneers’ eighth full-length studio album, So Much (for) Stardust, which is set to be released March 24 via Fueled by Ramen.

The band’s latest era has already been roiled with an unexpected complication after guitarist Joe Trohman announced he would be taking a hiatus from the group to focus on his mental health. “Without divulging all the details, I must disclose that my mental health has rapidly deteriorated over the past several years. So, to avoid fading away and never returning, I will be taking a break from work which regrettably includes stepping away from Fall Out Boy for a spell,” he wrote to share the news.

Trohman’s abrupt absence left his bandmates to appear as a trio when they stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week, with Stump filling the void on guitar as they performed “Love From the Other Side.”

Check out Fall Out Boy’s Kidman-assisted tease of “Heartbreak Feels So Good” below.

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