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December 1, 2022 - Uncategorized

With the holidays right around the corner, BTSJin is celebrating the release of his single “The Astronaut” with an extensive merch drop that ARMY will undoubtedly covet. Fitting in with the track’s space theme, the singer released a full line of items inspired by a tiny friend called Wootteo, he revealed in a video posted on Thursday (Dec. 1).

“To introduce Wootteo … as I was making the album, I carried him around the airport and he was even at our concert,” Jin explained. “But since I will be busy with my schedule, I hoped Wootteo could be with you on my behalf. And that’s how this cute guy came to be.”

Wootteo comes in two plush varieties — a smaller version varying in sizes, and a tall body-sized pillow. The Wootteo motif extends to “Astronaut” themed-pajamas, magnets, key rings, an ID card holder and more.

Jin’s video also saw him participating in what his video called a “special challenge for ARMY,” which features him playing the dalgona cookie game — as seen in the popular Netflix show Squid Game — in which he has to cut a random shape into the cookie in three minutes. The prize? A Wootteo magnet set. Other challenges Jin completed included an an acupuncture triathlon and a task completed by special guest J-Hope, who is tasked with finding Jin’s Wootteo, amongs other fun shenanigans.

Fans looking to win the prizes Jin interacted with can participate by uploading a drawn photo of Wootteo to social media or Weverse and using the hashtags #Jin #TheAstronaut and #Wootteo_ARMY_Event.

See the full line of merch from “The Astronaut” and check out Jin’s special challenges in the video above.

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