John Stamos’ Son Billy Memorized This ‘Full House’ Catchphrase

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Have mercy! John Stamos revealed which Full House catchphrase his 4-year-old son, Billy, has already perfected.

“I’ll catch them, [Billy and the nanny], watching Full House sometimes,” Stamos, 59, exclusively told Us Weekly on Wednesday, September 21, while promoting his partnership with Arnold, Brownberry and Oroweat Breads. “I’ll come home [and say], ‘What are you guys doing?’ And [he says], ‘Oh, nothing.’”

While Billy doesn’t always admit that he’s watching his dad on TV, the little guy has learned one of Michelle Tanner’s (played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) famous lines.

“He just did it a couple days ago, [he] was like, ‘You got it, dude!’” the California native said, noting it was “not sarcastic but not, like, you know, cool.”

Stamos played Uncle Jesse for eight seasons on the sitcom from 1987 to 1995. He reprised the role in 2016 for the spinoff Fuller House, which ended in 2020.

The Big Shot star revealed to Us that “for a while” he got tired of the notoriety that came with the memorable character. “I feel like I’ve done so much work since then,” Stamos said. “I think I’ve really had a wonderful career, so now I just embrace it. Yeah, It doesn’t bother [me].”

Although the former soap opera star, who shares Billy with wife Caitlin McHugh, is happy he chose to become an actor, he isn’t ready for Billy to follow in his footsteps.

“He likes to do stunts. Like, he’s very, you know, physical,” Stamos told Us of his son, adding, “I’m not gonna let him be a stuntman. … But he’s not a showbiz-y kind of kid, which I love.”

The Grandfathered alum confessed that he “hopes” Billy doesn’t want to act, pointing out that he doesn’t like the limelight as of now. “When you want him to take a picture or do something, he’ll make faces and, you know, he doesn’t want [that attention] so that’s good,” he explained. “But we do a lot of stunts.”

The singer also joked that Billy currently likes “taking the piss out of his father” as he continues to grow. Through it all, Stamos said he just wanted his son to think he’s “cool,” which is part of the reason he’s taken certain gigs since becoming a parent.

He recalled voicing Iron Man on Spidey and His Amazing Friends after Billy took interest in the show, noting that Billy “loves” it. The former Scream Queens actor, however, says most of his time is spent on less glamorous activities with Billy and his wife, 36.

“I love family time. We try to do things, the three of us, quite a bit,” he said on Wednesday. “There’s a shopping center up here called The Commons. We like to go there. We see the turtles, we have a dinner … and then we have our ice cream, we just sit and talk and eat ice cream cones. I like to do that. It’s pretty special.”

In addition to balancing his work and home life, Stamos has managed to make time to partner with Arnold, Brownberry and Orowat Breads. He has even created his own recipe, which the company has dubbed the “Heartthrob Cobb” sandwich featuring the Small Slice bread.

“I make this cobb salad that I got from Disney World. They make it at the Brown Derby, which is famous. I got the recipe and then I thought, ‘Well, how do I combine this [and] make a sandwich out of it?’” the Little Mermaid Live! actor told Us. “So I make the salad [and] then I put it on toast, bread, and then away we go. It tastes good.”

Stamos gushed over his time with the “great company,” adding, “They’ve been so good to me. They’ve let me just have fun with these commercials.”

With reporting by Leanne Stanton

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