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August 29, 2022 - Uncategorized

We all remember, fondly or not, Nicki Minaj‘s iconic moment at the 2015 MTV VMAs when she asked then-host Miley Cyrus what was “good.” Seven years late, Lizzo‘s payed tribute to the star’s iconic callout by getting some payback of her own at the 2022 MTV VMAs.


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In accepting the Video for Good award for “About Damn Time” on Sunday night (Aug. 28), Lizzo took a moment to not-so-subtly throw some shade at rapper Aries Spears. “And now, to the b–ches that got something to say about me in the press,” she yelled into the mic, using Minaj’s own words from 2015. “You know what, I’m not gonna say nothing.”

Over the weekend, a clip went viral of Spears dissing Lizzo during his interview on The Art of Dialogue in which, after being asked whether or not he thought the star was a good songwriter, he replied with fatphobic comments, saying, “I can’t get past the fact that she looks like the s–t emoji.”

Of course, despite saying she wouldn’t, Lizzo went on to say something. “They be like, ‘Lizzo, why don’t you clap back?’ ‘Cause b–ch I’m winning, ho,” she said. “Big b–ches winning, ho! Best revenge is your paper, b–ch!”

During her speech, Lizzo also took a moment to call on her fans to make their voices heard in November. “I don’t know what ‘music video for good’ means, but I do know what your vote means, and that’s a f–king lot,” she said. “Your vote means everything to me, it means everything to making a change in this country. So remember when you’re voting for your favorite artists, vote to change some of these laws that are oppressing us.”

Check out Lizzo’s early performance of “About Damn Time” and “2 Be Loved” from the 2022 VMAs below:

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