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October 21, 2022 - Uncategorized

Hold me closer, Tommy Deepfake. In a bizarre video posted by Paris Hilton to TikTok Thursday (Oct. 20), the DJ tells a viral Tom Cruise impersonator, who uses deepfake technology to cosplay the actor, to serenade her with one of her favorite songs: “Hold Me Closer,” Elton John‘s 2022 duet with Britney Spears, which is an update of his 1971 classic hit “Tiny Dancer.”


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In the video, Paris and the faux Tom Cruise lean against a kitchen counter, the former in a bubblegum pink tracksuit and the latter in a checkered bathrobe. “Tom, can you sing me that song again?” Hilton asks, sipping from a bedazzled cup. “You know which one.”

“Hold me closer, tiny dancer/ Count the headlights on the highway,” sings the fake Cruise. “Lay me down in sheets of linen/ You had a busy day today.”

But while the impromptu kitchen concert was Paris’ idea, she wasn’t impressed by the results. “It’s good but not great. You should stick to acting,” she tells fake Tom.

“Yeah … I probably should,” he replies, slightly embarrassed.

“Nothing like being serenaded with my favorite @Britney Spears and @Elton John song,” the former Simple Life star captioned the TikTok, writing one of her signature catchphrases in the hashtags: “#ThatsHot #ButCouldBeHotter.”

Hilton also tagged her serenader’s TikTok page, confirming him to be @deeptomcruise, an account with nearly 4 million followers that went viral for posting absurd videos starring a very convincing Tom Cruise lookalike. It turned out to be the deepfake editing work of AI artist Chris Umé, who manipulates the face of stand-in Miles Fisher — the real-life man standing next to Paris in her TikTok — to look identical to the Top Gun star.

Watch Paris Hilton get serenaded by a Tom Cruise deepfake below:

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