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September 7, 2023 - Art


#Sarah Lee

September 7, 2023

Grace Ebert

small glowing moths fly around trees at night

“Luna Moths” (2023), oil on canvas, 70 x 60 inches. Photo by Thomas Müller. All images courtesy of the artist and albertz benda, New York | Los Angeles, shared with permission

Mysterious magic emanates from Sarah Lee’s scenes. Often working at night in her East Village studio, Lee envisions quiet, unpopulated landscapes that become an escape from the electrifying energy of the city. Tempestuous storms, glowing Luna moths, and shooting stars enliven the serene vistas and illuminate what would otherwise be shrouded by the darkened skies. Each oil painting, rendered in a palette of cool tones, contains an element of surreal surprise, whether a graceful fowl floating on the clouds in “Black Swan” or a pocket of snowy earth opening to reveal the stars in “Among Trees.”

The works shown here are a fraction of those included in Lee’s solo show, Two Skies, on view now through October 14 at albertz benda in New York. Explore more of the artist’s work on her site and Instagram.


lightning strikes a nighttime sky

“Two Skies” (2023), oil on canvas, 70 x 80 inches. Photo by Adam Reich

A band of light shoots across a night sky with waves in the foreground

“Rainbow” (2023), oil on canvas, 14 x 13 inches. Photo by Thomas Müller

A pocket snow opens to reveal shooting stars in the sky wiht a green hill in the background

“Among Trees” (2023), oil on canvas, 50 x 52 inches. Photo by Adam Reich

a swan floats on the clouds in a night sky

“Black Swan” (2023), oil on canvas, 44 x 40 inches. Photo by Thomas Müller

A curtain like expanse of norther lights glows above a quiet landscape

“Northern Lights” (2023), oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches. Photo by Adam Reich

A red star studded sky above a green grassy landscape

“Endless Night” (2023), oil on canvas, 70 x 80 inches. Photo by Thomas Müller

the moon glows behind tall trees with a small reflective puddle in the foreground

“The Trees of Secrets” (2023), oil on canvas, 12 x 9 inches. Photo by Thomas Müller

#Sarah Lee


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