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March 24, 2024 - Art



#Natalie Shilo

March 24, 2024

Jackie Andres

A figure wearing pink patterned pants and a cow print shirt walks toward the right, with two eyes in the background looking.

“Eyes.” All images © Natalie Shilo, shared with permission

Natalie Shilo’s illustrations peek into a freeform world teeming with color and jubilation. Swaying from side to side, sitting in bliss, or rocking a guitar solo, each character exudes a zest for life and thrives in the artist’s imaginative and energetic environments.

Originally from Belarus and now based in Warsaw, Shilo lauds the art scene of her new home. “The turning point was the move,” she says. “My whole environment has changed. Poland has a rich history of art, and I really feel it. All this incredibly inspired me. I felt a push forward, and my style began to develop.”

Shilo works mostly digitally, starting with sketches and gradually building solid shapes that are organic and geometric. Drawn with a pastel-like quality, the illustrations layer stippled, halftone, or airbrushed textures into densely patterned compositions. “I am constantly searching for the perfect combination of shapes, colors, and textures,” she adds.

The artist is ideating on a children’s book and plans to translate her illustrations into ceramics. Stay in the loop by following her on Instagram and Behance.


Two flowing figures dance in the rain.

“Dancing In the Rain”

A portrait of a figure with red hair, wearing a pink sweater, holding a pencil.


A character sits on a chair surrounded by plants and reads the newspaper.


A character plays guitar against a geometric background.


The obscurely-shaped candles with faces against a pink background.


A large, tall character wearing overalls holds flowers and a planet as they run.

“Friendship Dragon”

An astronaut treks through a forest-looking territory.

“Space Skater”

Geometric shapes resembling objects related to summer such as plants, the sun, and a water hose.

“Waiting for Summer”

#Natalie Shilo


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