Race Forward and Americans for the Arts Announce ‘Cultural Week of Action on Race and Democracy’

March 14, 2024 - Art

Activities to be held across the country from September 27-October 5

Monday, March 11, 2024 – Race Forward and Americans for the Arts (AFTA) today announced a Cultural Week of Action on Race and Democracy which will be held Sept. 27 – Oct. 5, 2024 in communities across the country. The new initiative leverages arts, culture, and creativity to emphasize the need for a just, multiracial democracy.

“The arts are a national asset, with their greatest impact felt within communities. It is crucial for us all to harness their transformative power to address the pressing social and racial issues our country is facing,” said Nolen V. Bivens, President & CEO of Americans for the Arts. “Our goal is for individuals to view the arts as a source of meaningful response to the challenges that affect out national welfare.”

The Cultural Week of Action on Race and Democracy will comprise:

  • A week of events and activities that bring together local arts and culture institutions and community-based organizations to explore our history, how it shapes our present, and how everyday people are organizing to build an equitable and racially just future.
  • A national event in St. Louis with performers, leaders, and artists to explore ways to use arts and culture to advance the multiracial democracy we’re trying to build. The event will also amplify the local work happening in communities across the country throughout the week of action.
  • Seeding and popularizing national narratives that tie together the local activities into one comprehensive story about who we want to be as a country and how we get there.
  • Opportunities for local and national organizing and

image“As attacks on racial equity and democracy continue to grow locally and globally, now is the time for bold action that inspires new ways of thinking,” said Glenn Harris, president, Race Forward. “This is an opportunity to deepen commitments to racial justice. Arts and Culture have always played a leading role in depicting what injustice looks like and in creating a vision of what a just, democratic world looks like.”

Race Forward and AFTA are accepting proposals from local organizations—local government, local arts agencies, community-based arts organizations, and/or racial justice nonprofits—that want to participate in this exciting initiative. Through a competitive process, 12-15 local communities that represent the diversity of our country will receive $25,000-$40,000 for cultural organizers and community partners to design and implement projects. Participation in the Cultural Week of Action on Race and Democracy will also be encouraged and open to organizations not requesting funding.

To learn more about the Cultural Week of Action and to apply for funding, visit our website.


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