Jessa Duggar: PREGNANT with Baby #5!!!!!!

September 10, 2023 - Culture


As it turns out, some rumors really do become a reality.

Over the past few weeks, many fans have speculated over whether or not Jessa Duggar was pregnant.

Heck, some folks out there even believed she was waiting to drop the major reveal until a day or two prior to sister Jill releasing her much-publicized memoir… in order to sabotage this book launch.

Now, we can’t confirm that Jessa had this in mind when she took to her Instagram Story on Saturday, but…

Jessa Duggar is featured here in a clip from TLC. (TLC)


“After a heartbreaking loss last year, we’re so thankful God has blessed us with a rainbow baby,” Duggar wrote via this page on September 9, confirming the blessed news.

The Counting On alum included a link to her family’s YouTube channel where she uploaded a video further detailing the pregnancy.

“Just this past week we found out some wonderful news that our rainbow baby is on the way,” Duggar says in this footage. “We couldn’t be more excited.”

Jessa Duggar took followers on a tour of her living room decor via her Instagram Stories in early 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In February, Jessa shared the horrible news that she had lost her latest child.

“I feel like in some ways miscarriages can be so jarring because you don’t have clear signs of something going wrong. I had minimal spotting for 24 hours, and that was it,” the expecting parent said on video at the time.

Jessa and husband Ben are parents to sons Spurgeon, 7, and Henry, 6; and daughters Ivy, 3, and Fern, 2.

Duggar grew very emotional on camera this winter as she recalled the moments leading up to the miscarriage, stating:

“I was able to thank God in that moment for giving us this life, even if we wouldn’t be able to hold this baby in our arms.”

Jessa and husband Ben really do seem to be in love. (Instagram)

Continued the former reality star a few months ago:

“When you lose someone so dear to you, it does make heaven that much sweeter. We talked about that with the kids.

“We can’t wait to meet this little one in heaven one day.”

This new video, however, strikes a much happier tone of course.

Jessa Duggar and 3 Kids
Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have four kids. The former is posing here with three of them here. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Jessa, meanwhile, has long been candid about how her world shifted since first becoming a mom after Spurgeon’s arrival in 2015.

“I think there were so many things that I felt like, ‘I totally know how to do this. I’ve been around kids,’ but then when it’s your own kid, it’s totally different,” she told Us Weekly in July 2020, referring to her 18 siblings.

For one, it’s your responsibility, it’s not like, ‘Here, Mom, the kid stinks, change the diaper.’ Waking up in the night, I think that was probably one of the hugest adjustments for me.

“Feeling that responsibility of checking on their fever and making sure they’re OK.

“Like, when do I know to go to the doctor?

“I’m constantly going to moms who are a season ahead of me, like my own mom, and saying, ‘Hey, do you have a kid with this personality?’ Or ‘Have you dealt with this issue before?’ Or ‘How do you keep your cool?’ That’s something I always ask my mom if I feel like I’m getting frustrated over little things.

“I’m totally just in awe of my mom’s patience, for sure.”

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