Kody Brown Finally Confesses: I Need Therapy!

August 28, 2023 - Culture

We’re only two episodes into Sister Wives Season 18.

But we seem to be seeing a new, at least somewhat humble side of Kody Brown.

In a People Magazine cover story previewing new episodes of the reality show, for example, Kody actually took some responsibility for three of his marriages falling apart.

“I could have done a lot better,” Brown told this outlet.

We were just thinking: Kody Brown rarely ever looks happy on Sister Wives. Wouldn’t you agree? (TLC)

On Sunday night, meanwhile, Kody and Christine continued their awkward lunch, hanging out for the first time since Christine made her departure official.

“I thought about doing breakup counseling with you, like, ‘Hey, we’re done. Let’s get in a place where we can be functional,’” Kody told his ex, who jumped in to interrupt… only for Kody to expound as follows:

“Maybe all I need is grief counseling.

“I got to get in a place where I don’t hate you so I don’t speak bad about you to my children. That’s my worry.”

Kody Brown is deep in selfish thought in this Sister Wives scene. (TLC)

Indeed, on the Season 18 premiere, Kody said in a confessional:

“I feel so betrayed after all that I have done for this marriage and then to have [Christine] sort of sh-t talk me to the kids, I kind of feel like in my heart I just never wanna see her again.

“And I wanna spend some time hating her.””

Christine, of course, announced she was leaving Kody way back in November 2, 2021.

Christine Brown is featured in this screen capture from a Sister Wives Season 18 episode. (TLC)

These new episodes were filmed just a few months later.

Although the idea of post-breakup therapy sounded strange at first, Christine wasn’t opposed to giving it a change.

“If you need to have some sort of, like, post-breakup counseling with me, that’s fine,” she said. “The whole thing is very heartbreaking and it’s very sad.”

It’s true: The former couple shares six children, the youngest of whom is 12.

Let’s not lose sight of that fact, you know?

Christine and Kody Brown meet up here for lunch on Season 18 of Sister Wives. (TLC)

Looking at the big and important picture, Christine acknowledged she’d be open to counseling.

“We’re going to do this for the rest of our lives. You know, be in each other’s lives for the rest of our lives,” she said. “We have kids together and everything.”

Christine also stated her interest in “eventually” being “able to just be friends” with Kody, but she questioned if it was “naive” of her to think such a thing could be possible for the ex-spouses.

Kody chose to leave the restaurant at this point… with the former couple agreeing to touch base once Christine returned to town with daughter Truely.

Kody Brown is featured in this poster for a new season of Sister Wives. (TLC)

Elsewhere on the August 27 installment of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown suggested that professional help would be “good” for her husband.

“He’s dealing with a lot right now. I mean, a lot,” Robyn said in a confessional, always siding with her legal spouse.

“I sometimes wonder how he’s able to keep his head above water.

“I would do counseling with anybody in the family that wanted to do it with me. I would do it with Christine.”

Christine Brown is seen here in a promo for Season 3 of her show Cooking with Christine. (Instagram)

As for Christine?

She made it VERY clear how she feels about her decision to walk away from Kody, telling the camera:

“I’m just super grateful that I’m not married to him anymore. Oh, my gosh. He’s a lot! He’s just so intense.”

Sister Wives Season 18 airs on Sunday nights at 10/9c TLC.

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