Pedro Pascal On Joel’s Arc In ‘The Last Of Us’ Season 2, And Kieran Culkin – Deadline

January 19, 2024 - Culture


The sling was off as The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal made his way through the red carpet for the Sundance Film Festival premiere of his movie Freaky Tales on Thursday.

That is good news for The Last of Us fans after Pascal had his arm wrapped at events for most of the past two weeks as he has been nursing a shoulder injury, most recently at the Emmy Awards on Monday. As Deadline reported, the injury, sustained in a fall, was not expected to delay production on Season 2 of the HBO series, which won eight Emmys for its first season, thought with start of production just a couple of weeks away, there was concern.

Pascal appeared ready to go back to The Last of Us tonight with hair and beard channeling his character Joel. He was asked by Deadline whether Joel’s Season 2 arc will deviate from the game. Fans of the popular video game, which the TV series is based on, would know what that means.

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“Does it deviate from the game? That’s a good question,” Pascal said. “I think that they’re always going to find ways to build on the incredible source material that they have, and surprise us with how they can use that material in a different format like a television show. But I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anybody, and the truth is, I don’t actually have all of the information as of yet.”

Pascal also had a proposition in his ongoing faux feud with Succession star Kieran Culkin, which has been lighting up social media. It started with Culkin telling Pascal to “suck it” during his Golden Globes acceptance speech. Pascal shot back as a presenter at the Emmy Awards, blaming his injury on Culkin who he said “beat the s**t out of” him.

Could the two burry the hatchet and do a project together?

“I would love that, I hope so. If he’ll have me,” Pascal said before adding, “and if he’s nice to me.”

Your move, Kieran.

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