Seth Meyers Recounts His Favorite ‘SNL’ Episode, Which Won A Standing Ovation – Deadline

November 23, 2023 - Culture

Seth Meyers has revealed a Saturday Night Live secret.

In an interview with the podcast Las Culturistas, hosted by Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers, Meyers — a former Saturday Night Live head writer — discussed a 2008 episode with host Anne Hathaway and musical guest the Killers.

“It is the only time I remember when that show was over, the audience gave a standing ovation, and the Killers performed again” after the end of the show, Meyers said.

The Killers made at least one other big impression.

“My parents were at the show,” Meyers recalled, “and I introduced my mom to the Killers, and as they walked away, she said very loud, and they heard, ‘Well I don’t know why they call themselves the Killers, they couldn’t be nicer boys.’”

That 2008 season was satisfying for Meyers. “That year, those Sarah Palin things, that is the most I ever felt like we are on a winning team,” he said. “Like, that was white hot, and having Tina (Fey) back… I felt like we understood we have to keep outdoing ourselves, and it was so thrilling and so fun.”

Cohost Rogers said that he was in the audience for the Hathaway-hosted episode. “I was sitting there and I just thought, ‘This energy is so insane and so wild’ that it drove me for the rest of my life,” he said. “And the other thing that I remember, and this is you, is how f—ing cool you were, when you came out for “Weekend Update” and you gave all the interns high fives, and everyone in the theater was like ‘It’s Seth Meyers!’”

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