After Watching Jackass Forever, I Totally Get The ‘Promise’ Johnny Knoxville Made To His Kids About Making Another Movie

May 2, 2024 - Movies

Anyone who watched Jackass Forever in 2022 knows that it generally felt like the hits were coming harder while the guys were going less hard, if that makes sense. While the majority of the stunts weren’t nearly as reckless as past iterations of the franchise (many of the guys are also sober now), even with young blood added, the main cast is much older. There was nothing that really hammered home this concept more than Johnny Knoxville choosing to get into a ring with a bull again, to disastrous results.  

Now, he’s spoken about how he feels and whether a potential Jackass 5 could touch on this sort of sketch again. 

Jackass’ History With Bull Stunts On The Big Screen 

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