How Zendaya Perfectly Paid Tribute To An Iconic Tina Turner Look While Doing Dune: Part Two Press

February 3, 2024 - Movies

Zendaya and the Dune: Part Two cast are in full swing when it comes to promoting the epic science-fiction sequel helmed by Denis Villeneuve. And that means she’s back with more jaw-dropping fashion looks for us to obsess over. When the actress took part in the Los Angeles press day for one of the most highly-anticipated 2024 movies, she and Law Roach paid homage to the late, great Tina Turner. To put it simply, this is a tribute that’s just too perfect.

Tina Turner died back in May at the age of 83 and, afterwards, many celebrated her incredible career as the Queen of Rock ‘n Roll along with her work as an actress. The Greatest Showman alum has always been one to respect those who’ve come before her, and she did so in sleek fashion when it came to how she honored Turner. Check out the Instagram post below to see her recent look for the Dune: Part Two (which we know a lot about) press day and try to guess how it paid tribute to Turner:

If Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome came to mind, then you got this one right! Though Law Roach did give it away in the caption. He and Zendaya decided to take notes from Tina Turner’s character, Aunty Entity, from the 1985 film for the actress’ latest look. The star herself also pointed out the reference in her Instagram stories with this post: 

Zendaya shares Tina Turner in Mad Max Thunderdome

(Image credit: Instagram/Warner Bros.)

What a great reference! Zendaya and Law Roach are well-known at this point for taking inspiration from all sorts of places when it comes to her red carpet and all other big fashion moments. She previously paid tribute to a look from a past Beyoncé performance of “Crazy In Love” at the BET awards in 2021. She also sported a spider-webbed dress to the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere and a sand-colored dress when the first Dune movie premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Those are just a few examples, of course. All in all, the starlet’s history with fashion looks is quite extensive! 

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