I Thought Rogue Squadron Was DOA, But Is Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars Movie Still Happening After All?

March 14, 2024 - Movies


There are long-running movie franchises, and there’s Star Wars. The fandom spans generations, most of which grew up on the galaxy far, far away. But after the ending of The Rise of Skywalker, the franchise has been noticeably missing from theaters, instead expanding thanks to shows available with a Disney+ subscription. There are a number of upcoming Star Wars movies and shows, many of which are still early in the development process. I thought Rogue Squadron was DOA, but is Patty JenkinsStar Wars movie still happening after all?

Despite its announcement and tease, it was revealed in 2021 that Rogue Squadron was put on on indefinite hold by the studio. No major announcements for that project have happened in years, with Patty Jenkins allegedly having creative differences with the studio. But the Wonder Woman filmmaker recently appeared on the Talking Pictures podcast, where she revealed that Rogue Squadron might still happen after all. As she put it:

So, when I left Star Wars to do Wonder Woman 3, I thought maybe I’ll come back to Star Wars after Wonder Woman 3. So we did a deal for that to happen, started a deal, but I thought I was doing Wonder Woman. When that went away, Lucasfilm and I were like, ‘Oh, we gotta finish this deal.’ We finished the deal right as the strike was happening. So I now owe a draft of Star Wars and so we will see what happens there. You know, like, who knows?

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