Is Ryan Gosling Joining the MCU as Dr Doom or Reed Richards?

December 20, 2023 - Movies

The casting for the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie continues to keep people interested as Ryan Gosling is the latest name added to the speculative list. But is he joining the MCU as Doctor Doom, Reed Richards, or a leftfield choice such as Ghost Rider? Here’s all you need to know.

Will Ryan Gosling join Marvel’s Fantastic Four?

As per the latest rumors, Kevin Feige met with Ryan Gosling for a potential MCU role.

Familiar scooper Daniel Richtman revealed that Kevin Feige met with Barbie’s Ken actor, Ryan Gosling. Even though Richtman’s scoops have proven to be accurate in the past, there have been a few that didn’t turn out to be true. So, considering that no deal has officially been reported between Ryan Gosling and Marvel Studios at the time of publishing, we should take the latest scoop with a grain of salt.

However, Kevin Feige has already talked about getting Gosling into the MCU. Furthermore, Gosling’s star power as an actor has only risen after Barbie’s success and the MCU is in need of big new names to help fill the void left by the absence of Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and others. With Fantastic Four still adding actors to its roster, Gosling can join the film in a sizable role or a cameo to set up the future.

Has Ryan Gosling been cast as Doctor Doom, Reed Richards, or Ghost Rider in the MCU?

While Ryan Gosling is rumored to have met with Kevin Feige for a Marvel role, his MCU character hasn’t been revealed yet.

With Marvel looking to recast and possibly even replace Kang as the next big bad for Avengers 5 and 6, Gosling could come in to play Doctor Doom. But the reactions to that choice have been pretty mixed. With Reed Richards still not officially cast, Gosling might be in contention for that role if Pedro Pascal has passed on it.

However, the actor could have met Feige for other popular characters such as Nova or Ghost Rider. After all, he has already shown interest in playing Ghost Rider in the past. But nothing is confirmed at the moment.

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