Star Trek Reacts To Kenneth Mitchell’s Death

February 26, 2024 - Movies

Kenneth Mitchell’s fellow Star Trek actors and creatives share their emotional and poignant reactions to his death from ALS.

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  • Kenneth Mitchell’s fellow Star Trek actors mourn his death on social media, remembering his talent and courage.
  • Star Trek family members, including Michelle Paradise and Anson Mount, pay tribute to Kenneth Mitchell’s legacy.
  • William Shatner and Robert Picardo express sadness over the loss, highlighting Kenneth Mitchell’s positive outlook on life.

Kenneth Mitchell’s fellow Star Trek actors shared their emotional and poignant reactions to his death on social media. Mitchell sadly died at 49 from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, which he has been battling since 2019. The Canadian actor played multiple roles in Star Trek: Discovery seasons 1-3, including Klingons Kol, Kol-Sha, Tenavik, and Minister Aurellio. Kenneth’s wife Susan and his children, Lilah and Kallum, have set up a GoFundMe.

Several members of the Star Trek family took to Twitter/X to share their grief at Kenneth Mitchell’s passing, including those who worked with Mitchell on Star Trek: Discovery and legacy actors who met Kenneth at Star Trek conventions and events. Check out their posts below:

Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Michelle Paradise worked with Kenneth Mitchell in seasons 1 and 2, and she helped incorporate Kenneth’s wheelchair into his character of Minister Aurellio in Discovery season 3.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘ Anson Mount debuted as Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek: Discovery season 2. Mount shared a pivotal scene with Kenneth Mitchell, who played the Klingon Tenavik and showed Pike his horrible future of being disfigured in an accident.

Anson Mount’s birthday was February 25th, the same day he learned of Kenneth Mitchell’s death.

Canadian actor Elias Toufexis is one of the newest Star Trek: Discovery actors joining the series as L’ak in its final season.

Bonnie Gordon voices the computers on Star Trek: Prodigy and plays other roles in Netflix’s CGI animated series.

Robert Picardo is a beloved Star Trek legacy actor best known as The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager.

The legendary William Shatner is also saddened by Kenneth Mitchell’s death, which shows how Kenneth impacted and inspired every aspect of Star Trek.


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