The Most ‘Interesting Thing’ About Young Sheldon Getting Canceled, According To Iain Armitage

May 26, 2024 - Movies

There are many shows ending and having been canceled in 2024 and, on that note, Young Sheldon just recently completed its run on CBS after seven seasons. The Big Bang Theory prequel was previously rumored to be ending after Season 7 and when it was confirmed, fans were definitely in their feelings. And, as you can imagine, the cast and crew have shared their thoughts as well. And, now, the show’s lead actor, Iain Armitage, is revealing the most “interesting thing” about the cancellation.

Iain Armitage was merely eight years old when he stepped into the shoes of Sheldon Cooper. Ahead of the series finale, the now 15-year-old threw back to his first day on set, and it was an adorable gut-punch that showed just how much time had passed since then. Armitage spoke to the LA Times about his tenure on the show and the fact that it is the longest role he’s done. And, with that, comes an intriguing piece of reality for the star:

It’s funny to think about because, especially with this show, I’ve fallen into such a rhythm with this character. I’ve been doing it for seven years, so it doesn’t really feel that much like a massive acting challenge anymore because, up until three weeks ago, I was doing it every day, for five days. I go through hair and makeup, I slip on those shoes and I’m in character. The more interesting thing, to me at least, will be when I next act. How does that look?

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