Upcoming C-Drama To the Wonder Trailer Shows Zhou Yiran Embracing the Nomadic Life

May 7, 2024 - Movies

The upcoming documentary C-drama To the Wonder is all set to meet viewers on May 7, 2024. It was recently nominated by Canneseries (Cannes International Series Festival) as their official entry for the competition. It features Zhou Yiran and Yu Shi in the main roles. The drama tells the story of Li Wen Xiu (Zhou Yiran), a girl belonging to the Han ethnicity who dreams of becoming a big shot in the literary world. But soon, she realizes the hardships that come with living in the city. Having no other choice, she returns to her hometown of Altay. 

There, she meets a Kazakh boy named Batay (Yu Shi), who shows her the simple beauty of nomadic life. Although pastoral life is challenging, Wen Xiu finds inspiration from nature and also from her host family. 

To the Wonder: Cast, synopsis & more

The newly released trailer shows Wen Xiu fully embracing the vagabond lifestyle. Although she faces many challenges, like herding the cattle, being chased by wild animals, or even having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, it becomes an escape from her monotonous life. With the help of Batay, she gradually becomes one with her host family. Batay teaches Wen Xiu the significance of the name of the village and also the nooks and crannies of rural life. Meanwhile, she also develops feelings for him. 

Take a look at the trailer below:

Other than the main actors, To the Wonder will also feature Ma Yi Li, Jiang Qi Ming, Alimujlang, Alima Mayutian, Yan Pei Lun, and others in pivotal roles. Teng Cong Cong is the director as well as the screenwriter for the drama. It is an adaptation of the novel ‘Wo De A Lei Tai’ by Li Juan.

To the Wonder will release a total of eight episodes, which will air from Tuesday to Friday on iQIYI.

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