Abby Sage x Porches – Backwards Directions :: Indie Shuffle

May 20, 2023 - Music


“Backwards Directions” feels like a warp in the universe. It’s a slow-burn collapse of a track that emits sensuality and frustration in a beautiful montage of chaos.

Abby Sage and Porches put their hands together, and the moment they did, everything went into overdrive. The world went into a gooey time collapse of grunge pop, alt-rock, and whizzing guitars.

“Backwards Directions” is a fiendish track and I can’t help but to be swallowed up in its identity, noise, and impulses.

The grunge pop marriage of Abby Sage and Porches is a moment I never thought I’d need, and yet now all I wanna do is go back to this exact moment.

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