Kamal. – Blue :: Indie Shuffle

August 14, 2022 - Music

This song is mad underrated. Kamal, a multi-instrumentalist from London, blew up onto the music scene with multiple hits that spread across the UK and into America.

In his song “Blue,” the melody and chords strike a nerve somewhere deep in your heart, making it one of the best love songs I’ve heard. His lyrics also do not disappoint. His words “Distracted, by the surface of your skin, the melodies you sing, the memories you spin…” is like a warm hug around your ears that fills you with a sense of caring and love.

At the end, Kamal brings in a soft synth that co-melodizes with the song, and it always makes me think that if he somehow had added a solo section for that synth at the end, the song would have been a timeless banger. Nonetheless, this song can only be classified as beautiful. It bounces and sings like a bouncy ball of love, finding a way into our hearts. What’s also crazy is that Kamal is only 18. With the surge in bedroom music creators, Kamal has shown us what he can do, and I cannot wait for more songs like this one.

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