Why Lance Bass Would Never Compete on ‘Big Brother’

August 29, 2023 - Music

Lance Bass Says He Wouldn’t Go on ‘Big Brother’ Despite Being a Fan: ‘I’m Gonna Say Something Stupid’

Lance Bass
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While Lance Bass considers himself to be a Big Brother superfan, he doesn’t see himself ever competing on the reality show.

“I don’t think I would ever do Big Brother, just [because of] the 24/7 live element,” Bass, 44, said during the Monday, August 28, episode of his “Frosted Tips” podcast. “Because especially these days, I’m gonna say something stupid. I’m gonna say something ignorant that I have in my vocabulary that I don’t know is supposed to be out of my vocabulary at this point.”

Bass — who confessed he was a live feed watcher — explained he didn’t think he would say something intentionally malicious or insensitive, the fear of saying something wrong on the live feeds was in the back of his mind.

Actor Josh Henderson — Bass’ guest of the week and a fellow BB fan — noted that most of the time the houseguests become “numb” to the fact that they are being filmed every moment and “forget” they are surrounded by cameras. Earlier this month, contestant Luke Valentine was expelled from the game after he was caught saying the N-word on the live feeds.

Big Brother Controversies All Star cast

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Controversies are nothing new for Big Brother. The show has been criticized for racism and discrimination over the years, making major waves with an incident that occurred in season 15. During the 2013 season, Aaryn Gries referred to Asian people as “squinty-eyed,” called her Black roommate Candice Stewart “Aunt Jemima” and asked her Korean housemate Helen […]

While Bass was adamant about not doing the show, he has been a fan of Big Brother since the show premiered in 2000. While discussing their love of the series , Bass and Henderson, 41, even came up with a strategy if they were to ever enter the house as a duo.

“This is how I would do it, I would never do the show, … but we would go in and pretend that we were like ‘yeah I don’t like this guy,’” Bass explained. “So you would take half the house and I’d take the other half and we would just make sure that we never got voted off.”

Lance Bass Says He Wouldn’t Go on ‘Big Brother’ Despite Being a Fan: ‘I’m Gonna Say Something Stupid’
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Bass also shared that he would even try to form an alliance with a third person so the house would get split into thirds. The former ‘NSync member acknowledged that forming a trio would help him “really get what everyone” was thinking.

After getting into strategy talks, Bass admitted it “would be so fun” to be on the show. However, he plans on sticking with his normal watch routine and connecting with the contestants once they get out of the house.

“I throw the kind of official ‘Welcome Back to Reality’ party for everyone when [houseguests] come out [of the house],” Bass revealed. “They would do their press, and they would always come meet me and Shannon Elizabeth.”

Bass explained that he and Elizabeth, 49, still throw the event together and congratulate all the players on their success in the game. Even The Cookout alliance made an appearance at the last one according to Bass.

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