DJ Ashba Legally Changes Name to Just One Word

February 26, 2024 - News

DJ Ashba, the onetime guitarist of Sixx: A.M. and Guns N’ Roses among others, has recently legally changed his name to just one word – Ashba.

Through his social media, Ashba, or “Ash” for short, revealed his reasons behind the name change were both familial and professional.

Why Is Ashba Legally Changing His Name?

In a personal note shared on his Instagram, Ashba revealed that even though Daren Jay Ashba was his given name, through various happenings in his life there wasn’t a strong family attachment to it.

“My dad is the only one who ever called me Daren and he left a few years after I was born. My mom got remarried to an amazing man who I consider to be my dad. My mom and dad are still happily married to this day,” explained the guitarist, further adding, “When they got remarried, he already had 4 kids of his own and one of his sons name was also Daren, so by default my name immediately became my initials, DJ.”

The guitarist went on to explain that as no one except his birth father really called him Daren and DJ seemed more like a nickname, he’s often been called “Ash” by his closest friends.

He also revealed that his initials have also caused some confusion for him professionally, adding, “I never chose to be called DJ, in fact it’s more of a curse being a guitar player. Everybody thought I was a ‘DJ,’ and I still get asked if I’m a DJ.”

With that explanation, Ashba revealed, “I’m going to legally change my name to just ASHBA. So call me ASH. That should clear things up moving forward!”

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What Is Ashba Doing Musically?

Just last week, Ashba returned with a new music video for the song “Party Tonight” featuring vocalist Dia Capron. The track falls into a more electronic vibe with Ashba’s guitar work giving it more of an edge. Take a listen below.

Ashba Featuring Dia Capron, “Party Tonight”

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